Freerunning jumps in beautiful island Santorini, Greece!

So I got the chance to visit the beautiful island of Santorini Greece in 2015 and I took this opportunity to shoot some freerunning there. The island is full of roof gaps and perfect spots to do parkour! IT IS INDEED THE FREERUNNING HEAVEN!

If you ever visit the island, I would recommend you to visit the Emporio city. This is the city where most freerunners go to train. However, mind you that these buildings are all private property and belongs to someone. So the people there are unhappy with the freerunners jumping on their roofs. You can imagine if it was your rooftop and outsiders just come and jump that wouldn’t be respectful.

So I guess you can always ask for permission, maybe?

Anyway, here’s the video of me jumping in Santorini!

Abudi Alsagoff – Freerunning in Santorini


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